the best cryptocurrency exchanges

All Cryptocurrency Exchanges (The Ultimate Top-list)


Do you know where to buy cryptocurrencies in 2020? We have the answer!

There are so many options where you can buy crypto but we give you the ultimate list of exchanges with the following criteria:

  • Safe exchanges
  • Buy with credit or debit card
  • A top-list with the most popular exchanges

At CoinWorld our focus is always making your purchase or trade of cryptocurrencies as easy as possible.

Below you will find the top cryptocurrency exchanges!

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We Base Our Cryptocurrency Rankings On


Ranking cryptocurrency exchanges take a long time as every exchange has several options, fee’s and payment methods to take into account.

However, that is why we made this super easy guide so that you save yourself some time.


What Is a Cryptocurrency?


The world economy is striving towards becoming a global market with every passing day.

The introduction of digital cash and e-wallet was a huge step in this direction which allowed citizens to indulge in international transactions.

However, this approach gained an electronic definition with the instigation of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallet through the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto on 9th January 2009.


Original Idea of Cryptocurrencies


To put it simply, cryptocurrency is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

It is a virtual currency used to transfer funds or indulge into transactions without the involvement of any government-legal cash. 

The sender or receiver initiates the trade and no third party participates in a peer-to-peer trade.

There is no online merchant or middle-man regulation.

The sender initiates a trade by sending Bitcoin to the receiver.

The receiver can then exchange the cash to $, €, £ or any other currency of his or her choosing.

Cryptocurrency transactions are almost instant and protected by strong cryptography.

Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology.

Any transaction on the blockchain is irreversible and thus charge-back scams are impossible.


Cryptocurrency Benefits


Cryptocurrencies benefits over regular currencies, because in many cases, they are so much more than just a means of trade.

A decentralized currency will allow you to send money instantly for very low fees compared to regular bank transfers today. 

The reason behind this is because right now traditional banks and payment processors serve as trusted third parties.

We rely on them to send our money and keep track of our transactions and for this service, they charge high fees.

Using Bitcoin or Ethereum, there is no need for a trusted third party because every transaction is transparent and stored on the blockchain which is then verified by the network.

Bitcoin is fundamentally a currency, but the blockchain technology on which it is built allows for many other uses.

Ethereum has embraced this and has set out to become the main platform on which to build apps (decentralized applications).

With blockchain technology you can for example store information in a decentralized way, which means you do not simply have one server on which you keep your data, instead you put small pieces of your data on many different servers connected to the network.

This is a lot safer than a centralized server because a centralized server is easy to attack, hack, and steal the information off.


The Biggest Cryptocurrencies


The major cryptocurrencies in the market right now are the following:

Then there is a whole lot of currencies that are less known, usually, these are called “Altcoins” or Alternative coins.


Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies


The websites where you actually buy cryptocurrencies are usually named exchanges.

Our favorite cryptocurrency exchanges are listed on this page but to name a few of the top exchanges we list them here:

  1. IQ Option
  2. Binance
  3. Kucoin 

A lot of exchanges offer terrible terms and high fee’s so you’re definitely smart choice to come on a cryptocurrency comparison website like this before picking your new exchange for trading and investing.