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Bitcoin Exchanges (How to Buy Bitcoin/BTC/XBT)


Are you looking to buy Bitcoin/BTC (currency code: XBT)? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

There are a lot of options for you when you want to buy Bitcoin. These are the factors we look at:

  • Low fee’s – who likes costs?
  • Ease – Some exchanges are nightmares, we help you find an easy one.
  • Security – Time is money but money is also money! We want you to keep it safe!

Here at Coinworld, we have gathered the best Bitcoin Exchanges to help you buy cryptocurrencies easier than ever before. Update: Bitcoin is low right now, It’s a great time to buy!

Also, click here to scroll to the current Bitcoin (BTC) price to USD.

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How to Buy BTC with Credit Card / PayPal


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized system of payments. The currency that is exchanged in this system is called BTC.

This is a digital currency that is fast replacing government currencies like the U.S dollar or British pound The creator of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nobody knows about this entity whether it was just one person or a team working anonymously.

To buy your BTC with your credit card, visit one of the many Bitcoin exchanges such as Coinmama, Bitpanda, eToro, etc.

Select the number of BTCs you want to buy, and submit your ID for verification.

Next, share your Bitcoin address, and credit card details like card number, CVV number, etc. After this process, you should get your BTCs in your wallet.


Can You Buy Bitcoin Without Verification?


There are several ways of buying BTC anonymously.

You can have these currencies in peer to peer trading.

Go over to local exchanges, contact a few locals and meet them face to face for a transaction.

You can also buy BTCs anonymously by loading your account withthe help of a prepaid card or cash.

Check out exchanges like Coinmama.

Some sites like Coinmama may impose trading limits at a particular point.

For example, you might not be able to top up your account after £150. In the third method, you can trade in cryptocurrencies via platforms like Changelly.

For example, if you hold altcoins and would like to have BTCs, use this platform. You might also want to buy BTCs through Bitcoin ATMs.


The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin


One of the best places to buy this currency is Coinbase, one of the largest and most respected Bitcoin platforms in the world.

Coinbase combines a wallet and an exchange and supports other digital currencies as well.

Unlike Coinbase, Robinhood is an entirely free platform for Bitcoin trades.

Buy and sell your BTCs with no commission. Robinhood is also a stock brokerage platform.

Another good place to buy BTCs is Coinmama.

Here, you can trade your digital currency with U.S dollars or Euro.

Coinmama has 2 million customers coming from more than 150 countries.

On Coinmama, you can sell or buy BTC after just a few clicks.

The sell rate is 0.9 % while buy rate is 3.90%. On credit/debit card, there is an additional fee of 5%.


Top Bitcoin Exchanges


A Bitcoin exchange is a virtual marketplace where traders buy and sell BTC’s for fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

One of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges is Binance that has created a powerful ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and financial trading.

Binance has a mobile app as well. Citizens of some countries can’t access Binance, but they can otherwise use Kraken or Coinbase.

You can buy and sell BTCs through the iOS and Android apps of Coinbase.

Signing up is easy and requires just a few steps. Once you have made transactions worth £100, you can get an additional £10 as free money.

Kraken is based in San Francisco and lets you trade in other cryptocurrencies besides BTCs. The verification process takes place between 1-2 days on Kraken.


Can You Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?


You can buy BTC in cash on BitQuick. With this option, you can pick up your currency at thousands of bank branches across the world. In this case, BitQuick works like escrow.

The sellers and the buyers agree on the price for your BTCs. Once the price is agreed, the buyer deposits money into the seller’s BitQuick account.

You can also buy BTCs through Bitit. This facility is available in Europe and with Bitit, you can buy your currency with a 3D Secure Debit or Credit cards.

Pick up your BTC from any of the 150k stores in Europe by using Cashlib, Neosurf or Flexepin vouchers. Please note that only the first 25 Euro worth of transactions can be conducted anonymously on Bitit.


Is Bitcoin Legal?


BTCs are accepted as legal currency in the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, and a few other countries.

China has restricted the buying and selling of this currency. However, this country hasn’t criminalized the possession of BTCs. In India, the situation is unclear.

While the Reserve Bank of India has banned in BTC trades, its topmost court has termed this move as unconstitutional.

That said, Bitcoin is generally not considered a legal tender. In the United Kingdom and all those countries, where Bitcoin is legal, this currency is considered as an asset while calculating taxes.

Within the U.S, the Inland Revenue Service has been looking at Bitcoin with growing interest over the years. One reason why BTCs are not approved all over the world is the anonymity involved.


How to Mine Bitcoin?


By bitcoin mining, we mean adding transaction records of this currency on its public ledger called the Blockchain.

Mining is important so that every single user knows that his transaction over the Blockchain is legal and approved.

Mining is done with the help of computer programs that require an immense amount of power. When a transaction is done, it is converted into a block.

This block of information is later on processed by miners using advanced computer algorithms.

The objective is to convert this block into a very short series of random letters and numbers called a ‘hash’.

This ‘hash’ has a fixed length of characters and cannot be altered by others. Every hash includes the information on the previous block of transactions as well.


What is Bitcoin Halving?


The Bitcoin blockchain is being halved in size for very few years.

Halving here means the number of Bitcoins that miners will receive from mining when this chain is halved.

Previously, miners received 12.5 Bitcoins, now they will receive 6.25 coins and this value will diminish further after the next 210,000 blocks are removed.

This process will continue until the last Bitcoin has been mined.

Bitcoin halving is important because it cuts the inflation in this currency’s value.

This exercise helps to shore up the value of Bitcoin. Currently, there are just 21,000,000 Bitcoins in the market out of which 18,361,438 are in circulation.

Since Bitcoin availability is dwindling, Bitcoin halving keeps the value of the currency up. Halving will continue up to 2140.


How Bitcoin Works?


A BTC or a Bitcoin is actually a computer file that is stored in your digital wallet.

This wallet rests on your desktop or your mobile device in the form of an app.

When you make a transaction, you withdraw one or more computer files from your wallet and send it to your partner’s account.

This transaction is stored on a Blockchain.

Blockchains are public documents but cannot be controlled by any one person or group of persons.

This why Blockchains are decentralized. To own a Bitcoin, you need a powerful computer.

It should be powerful enough to process lots of data for a long time. You also need to have immense knowledge of computer science and statistics for mining one Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Cash – What is It?


Over the years, Bitcoin processing hasn’t truly scaled up considering the popularity it enjoys.

If you look at the processing speed of every Bitcoin transaction, it is very low.

Currently, the Bitcoin network can process not more than seven transactions per second.

Some transactions take several minutes to process. In contrast, Visa processes 1,700 transactions per second.

So, there is a problem with Bitcoin scalability.

To address this problem, Bitcoin was forked into Bitcoin Cash a few years ago.

By doing so, you can pack more information into one single block on the Blockchain.

Transactions speeds are also faster on Bitcoin Cash. This transition was done with the help of Segregated Witness technology that did away with the Signature data on a Bitcoin block.


Best Bitcoin Wallets


If you are new to Bitcoin, consider having Coinbase as your wallet.

Depositing and withdrawing money is very simple here and Coinbase can support up to 20 different cryptocurrencies.

Link your Coinbase wallet to your bank account and buy Bitcoin with U.S dollars or other currencies.

With this wallet, you can get free cryptocurrencies by watching videos and answering quizzes.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you can use SoFi to buy Bitcoins.

This company offers various financial products such as banking, lending, investing, etc.

Opening a wallet is easy and inexpensive; you just need to have a minimum deposit of £1.

While buying Bitcoin, SoFi charges just 1.25% of your transaction amount.

Other wallets are Robinhood, Edge, Exodus, etc.


Bitcoin Casinos


Bitstarz has more than 2000 games and accepts Bitcoin as a legitimate currency.

However, this casino doesn’t have a sportsbook.

Bitstarz is licensed by the Curacao government and has recently started offering a 150% deposit bonus to some of its members.

Another Bitcoin casino you can trust is Fortune Jack. It was launched in 2014 and has more than 500 games in its inventory.

7Bit Casino also accepts BTC as casino money. It has a generous offer for all the new players.

You can get 1.5 BTC as a bonus as well as free spins. On your first deposit, you will get a 100 % bonus up to 1.5 BTC or 200 free spins.

Bonuses and free spins increase with your subsequent deposits.

You can read more about Bitcoin casinos at Gambla.