How to Buy


If you are new to Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatever other Cryptocurrency you are interested in buying, it isn’t easy to know how you pay, recieve or store your currency safely. This guide will help you buy your first cryptocurrency.

If you are planning to buy from an exchange that does not provide a wallet, read this guide on setting up your wallet first first.

1) Register at one of our recommended exchanges

Register an account at one of our exchanges rated Beginner Friendly, such as Coinbase or Changelly.

Use this link if you are intending to buy less than 150USD worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to skip Step 2.

2) Verification

In order to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency with a Credit Card, you are often required to verify your account to the exchange. This is completely safe and will only take a few minutes.

They will usually require two things in order to make sure no one else is using your Credit Card or identification to buy currencies. 

a) A picture of the front-side of your Credit Card

coinworld credit card

b) A picture of your ID

coinworld id

The sites will not share your information. 

3) Purchasing

Choose the currency and amount you wish to buy and follow the exchanges instructions. Be careful when entering your recieving wallet-adress if you are transfering your funds. 

If your exchange provides a wallet for you, congratulations, you’ve just finished buying your first cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t, see our guides on how to set up your own wallet and transfer!

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