Score 98 / 100
Security 7
Customer Support 9
User Friendly 5
Regional Availability 10
Reputation 10
Fees 9

Paxful is different from most other Bitcoin Exchanges on the market. They simply facilitate the deals between a buyer and a seller, which means that they will charge lower fees, only 1%. 

They are however not as userfriendly as some of the other alternatives we have rated. 

Pros and Cons

  • CheckLow fees
  • CheckAccepts most payment methods
  • CheckWallet included
  • CrossDifficult to use

Payment Methods

Payment Method Name Deposit Fees Exchange Rates Max Purchase
Without Verification
Max Purchase
With Verification
CheckCredit Card3%+No limitCheck
CheckPaypal3%+No limitCheck
CheckCash3%+No limitNo limitCheck
CheckNeteller3%+No limitCheck
CheckBankwire3%+No limitCheck
CheckSkrill3%+No limitCheck

Paxful Review

Paxful has grown rapidly since its start in 2015. The main reason for their success is likely the fact that they offer som many payment methods for their users.

They do not sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies themselves, instead, they facilitate deals between a buyer and a seller and act as an intermediary.

Their platform is userfriendly compared to LocalBitcoins, which is their main competitor in the market of facilitating deals between two parties.

They charge a 1% commission fee which is low compared to the exchanges that hold currencies in stock themselves.

A wallet is included when you register on Paxful, which is convenient for new users.

Paxful has one major drawback which is the fact that they only sell Bitcoins and no other cryptocurrencies.

You can, however, buy Bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies as long as the person you trade with accepts it as a method of payment. 


Review Score: 98

Company Information

Company: Paxful

Founded: 2015
Headquarters location: New York, New York, United States
Founders: Ray Youssef, Artur Schaback

Traded Currencies

  • CheckCheckBitcoin
  • CrossCheckEthereum
  • CrossCheckRipple
  • CrossCheckLitecoin
  • CrossCheckStratis
  • CrossCheckNEM

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